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24-Mar-2019Data for "Tracking ultrafast photocurrents in the Weyl semimetal TaAs using THz emission spectroscopy"Sirica, N; Tobey, R.I.; Zhao, L.X.; Chen, G.F.; Xu, B.; Yang, R.; Shen, B.; Yarotski, D.A.; Bowlan, P.; Trugman, S.A.; Zhu, J.-X.; Dai, Y.M.; Azad, A.K.; Ni, N.; Qiu, X.G.; Taylor, A.G.; Prasankumar, R.P.
1-Apr-2019Fundamental insights about interlayer cation migration in Li-ion electrodes at high states of chargeVinckeviciute, Julija; Radin, Maxwell D.; Faenza, Nicholas V.; Amatucci, Glenn G.; Van der Ven, Anton
7-Feb-2019Appendices to Silver nanoparticle wetting treatment in sol-gel derived zinc oxide thin filmsHeintzkill, Reed T.
2019Ben test DOIBlaiszik, Ben
22-Mar-2019Dataset for "Free-electron effects on optical absorption of hybrid perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 from first principles"Leveillee, Joshua; Schleife, André
12-Feb-2019S200 SiC/SiC Seral Section Data and Fiber Chirality Codes with TutorialSherman, Samuel; Simmons, Jeff; Przybyla, Craig
17-Mar-2019Heusler Structure Magnetic Shape Memory Alloys - Shape Memory Design LabBlankenau, Brian J.; Ertekin, Elif
12-Mar-2019In-situ XCT dataset for "Insights from in-situ X-ray computed tomography during axial impregnation of unidirectional fiber beds" and "X-ray computed tomography of microstructure evolution during matrix impregnation and curing in unidirectional fiber beds"Larson, Natalie M.; Zok, Frank W.
6-Feb-2019Dataset for Compton profile of VO2 across the metal-insulator transition: evidence of a non-Fermi liquid metalKylanpaa, Ilkka; Luo, Ye; Heinonen, Olle; Kent, Paul; Krogel, Jaron
12-Feb-2019Raw Images for Semantic Segmentation of Dendrites via Machine LearningStan, Tiberiu; Thompson, Zach; Voorhees, Peter