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16-Aug-2018Thermal Conductivity, Heat Capacity, and Elastic Constants of Water-Soluble Polymers and Polymer BlendsXie, Xu; Li, Dongyao; Tsai, Tsung-Han; Liu, Jun; Braun, Paul V.; Cahill, David G.
15-Sep-2018Heat capacity of Mg3Sb2, Mg3Bi2 and their alloysAgne, Matthias; Imasato, Kazuki; Anand, Shashwat; Lee, Kathleen; Bux, Sabah; Zevalkink, Alex; Rettie, Alexander; Chung, Duck; Kanatzidis, Mercouri; Snyder, G. Jeffrey
10-Sep-2018AFRL AM Modeling Challenge Series: Challenge 3 Data PackageGroeber, Michael; Schwalbach, Edwin; Donegan, Sean; Uchic, Michael; Chapman, Michael; Shade, Paul; Musinski, William; Miller, Jonathan; Turner, Todd; Sparkman, Daniel; Cox, Marie
15-Oct-2018Dateset for "Auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo calculations of the structural properties of nickel oxide"Zhang, Shuai; Malone, Fionn D.; Morales, Miguel A.
8-Nov-2018Surface Mass Diffusion on bcc(011) Planes; V, Nb, Ta and MoOndrejcek, Michal; Rajappan, Mahesh; Swiech, Wacek
17-Dec-2018Dataset for Polyelectrolyte Complexation of Oligonucleotides by Charged Hydrophobic – Neutral Hydrophilic Block PolymersMarras, Alexander E.; Vieregg, Jeffrey R.; Ting, Jeffrey M.; Rubien, Jack D.; Tirrell, Matthew V.
21-Nov-2018Dataset for Atomic Layer Deposition of Molybdenum Oxides with Tunable Stoichiometry Enables Controllable Doping of MoS2Moody, Michael J.; Henning, Alex; Jurca, Titel; Shang, Ju Ying; Bergeron, Hadallia; Balla, Itamar; Olding, Jack N.; Weiss, Emily A.; Hersam, Mark C.; Lohr, Tracy L.; Marks, Tobin J.; Lauhon, Lincoln J.
21-Nov-2018Data for Overcoming the Overcoming the Memory Bottleneck in Auxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo Simulations with Interpolative Separable Density FittingMalone, Fionn D.; Shuai, Zhang; Miguel, Morales. A
2018Graphene Synthesis Sample KZ21Zhang, Kaihao
31-Dec-2018NaxCoO2 phase stability and hierarchical orderings in the O3/P3 structure familyKaufman, Jonas L.; Van der Ven, Anton