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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jul-2018First-principles calculations of hcp and rocksalt TiX (X=C,N) systemsGunda, Naga Sri Harsha; Van der Ven, Anton
25-Jun-2018Data set for "Non-destructive characterization of subsurface residual stress fields and correlation with microstructural conditions in a shot-peened Inconel component"Park, Jun-Sang; Yildizli, Kemal; Demir, Eralp; Dawson, Paul; Matthew, Miller
29-Mar-2018Electronic Stopping and Proton Dynamics in InP, GaP, and In0.5Ga0.5P from First PrinciplesLee, Cheng-Wei; Schleife, André
25-Jun-2018AFRL AM Modeling Challenge Series: Challenge 2 Data DescriptionGroeber, Michael; Schwalbach, Edwin; Donegan, Sean; Uchic, Michael; Chapman, Michael; Paul, Shade; Musinski, William; Miller, Jonathan; Turner, Todd; Sparkman, Daniel; Cox, Marie
25-Apr-2018Dataset for A Variational Approach to Optical Band GapsZhao, Luning; Neuscamman, Eric
2018Demo Dataset abcdefBen Blaiszik; Ian Foster
2018Phase Field DemoBen Blaiszik; Jonathon Gaff
18-Apr-2018Vacancy Mediated and Interstitial Solute Transport in Zr from Density Functional Theory CalculationsJain, Abhinav C. P.; Burr, Patrick A.; Trinkle, Dallas R.
25-Jun-2018Far field high energy diffraction data for "Study of slip activity in a Mg-Y alloy by in situ high energy X-ray diffraction microscopy and elastic viscoplastic self-consistent modeling"Wang, Leyun; Huang, Zhonghe; Wang, Huamiao; Maldar, Alireza; Yi, Sangbong; Park, Jun-Sang; Kenesei, Peter; Lilleodden, Erica; Zeng, Xiaoqin
22-May-2018Dataset for "New Generation of Effective Core Potentials from Correlated Calculations: 3d Transition Metal Series"Abdulgani, Annaberdiyev; Wang, Guangming; Melton, Cody A.; Shulenburger, Luke; Mitas, Lubos