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26-May-2017Dataset for A Blocked Linear Method for Optimizing Large Parameter Sets in Variational Monte CarloZhao, Luning; Neuscamman, Eric
29-Jun-2017Characterizing the Unifying Thread in High Temperature Superconductors Using Realistic SimulationsNarayan, Awadhesh; Busemeyer, Brian; Wagner, Lucas K.
5-Oct-2017Dataset for Delayed Slater determinant update algorithms for high efficiency quantum Monte CarloMcDaniel, Tyler; D'Azevedo, Ed F.; Li, Ying Wai; Wong, Kwai; Kent, Paul R. C.
12-Dec-2017Dataset for Electronic properties of doped and defective NiO -- a Quantum Monte Carlo studyShin, Hyeondeok; Luo, Ye; Ganesh, Panchapakesan; Balachandran, Janakiraman; Krogel, Jaron T.; Kent, Paul R. C.; Benali, Anouar; Heinonen, Olle
20-Oct-2017Size consistent excited states via algorithmic transformations between variational principlesShea, Jacqueline A. R.; Neuscamman, Eric
25-Sep-2017Dataset for Nature of Interlayer Binding and Stacking of sp–sp2 Hybridized Carbon Layers: A Quantum Monte Carlo StudyShin, Hyeondeok; Kim, Jeongnim; Lee, Hoonkyung; Heinonen, Olle; Benali, Anouar; Kwon, Yongkyung
25-Apr-2018Dataset for A Variational Approach to Optical Band GapsZhao, Luning; Neuscamman, Eric
6-Feb-2019Dataset for Compton profile of VO2 across the metal-insulator transition: evidence of a non-Fermi liquid metalKylanpaa, Ilkka; Luo, Ye; Heinonen, Olle; Kent, Paul; Krogel, Jaron
-Dataset for Variational Excitations in Real Solids: Optical Gaps and Insights into Many-Body Perturbation TheoryZhao, Luning; Neuscamman, Eric
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