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13-Nov-2016Dataset for "Load-partitioning in an Oxide Dispersion-strengthened 310 Steel at Elevated Temperatures"Miao, Yinbin; Mo, Kun; Zhou, Zhangjian; Liu, Xiang; Lan, Kuan-Che; Zhang, Guangming; Park, Jun-Sang; Almer, Jonathan; Stubbins, James
24-Aug-2016Surface Mass Diffusion and Step Stiffness on an Anisotropic Surface; Mo(011)Ondrejcek, Michal; Swiech, Wacek; Durfee, Curtis S.; Flynn, C. Peter
Oct-2016Dataset for High-throughput Ab-initio Dilute Solute Diffusion DatabaseWu, Henry; Mayeshiba, Tam; Morgan, Dane
26-Aug-2016Inkjet Printing of High Conductivity, Flexible Graphene PatternsSecor, Ethan B.; Prabhumirashi, Pradyumna L.; Puntambekar, Kanan; Geier, Michael L.; Hersam, Mark C.
26-Aug-2016Gravure Printing of Graphene for Large-Area Flexible ElectronicsSecor, Ethan B.; Lim, Sooman; Zhang, Heng; Frisbie, Daniel C.; Francis, Lorraine F.; Hersam, Mark C.
12-Oct-2016Dataset for "Characterization of Neutron-irradiated HT-UPS Steel by High-energy Xray Diffraction Microscopy"Zhang, Xuan; Park, Jun-Sang; Almer, Jonathan; Li, Meimei
9-Feb-2016Dataset for Determination of Residual Stress in a Microtextured Alpha-titanium Component using High Energy Synchrotron X-rayPark, Jun-Sang; Ray, Atish K.; Dawson, Paul R.; Lienert, Ulrich; Miller, Matthew P.
28-Jun-2016The Effects of Heat Treatment on Very High Cycle Fatigue Behavior in Hot-rolled WE43 MagnesiumAdams, Jacob F.; Allison, John E.; Jones, J. Wayne
4-Jan-2017Phase Field Benchmark I DatasetJokisaari, Andrea M.; Voorhees, Peter W.; Guyer, Jonathan E.; Warren, James A.; Heinonen, Olle
20-Oct-2016EMsoft Electron Backscattered Diffraction (EBSD) Master Pattern Dataset for Silicon (Si)De Graef, Marc